Time for change…

Time for change…

Welcome to my homepage and your time for change...

Is it time to break out of old patterns, clean out old behaviours and belief systems that are holding you back?

Do you want to get rid of stress, anxiety, pain or physical tension?

Maybe it’s time for a body and mind detox?

I work as an Energy Intuitive Healer and most of my clients prefer distance sessions. Not only are they more convenient, flexible and time saving. Distance sessions can very often be even more effective than a physical meeting. A lot of my clients refer to a stronger sensation and impact with a powerful result.

We are all part of the same Universe. We are like transmitters and receivers. Together or apart, we are pure consciousness and information. We unite in a field of energy and allow change to occur.

Open up for who you really are and come closer to your inner being and your true emotions? It is time for change….



Meditation doesn’t have to be serious. It’s meant to be joyful and easy.

When you find a way of meditating that suits your needs, every area in your life will benefit.

It is the time between meditations where change takes place.

I conduct sessions for individuals and groups, creating a peaceful mind in a hectic life.

To book meditations or mindfulness with me send an e-mail.




Cacao is nature’s own medicine working as a real heart opener and allows among other things, to get in contact with your inner wisdom and your true emotions. She is Mama Cacao…A beautiful spirit.

I am a reseller of Keith’s Ceremonial Cacao and I also facilitate cacao ceremonies.

It is so much more to Ceremonial Cacao than just having a cup of hot chocolate…Sooooo much more… Try it!

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease, than it is to know what sort of disease a person has


A very soft, yet super powerful treatment. Focus is on the cerebrospinal fluid which can be felt not only between the cranium and sacrum as the name suggests but all through the whole body.

Differences in the flow and rhythm of the fluid can be identified and problems and imbalances are detected. There is no manipulation, only soft guidance back to health and well-being by using the body’s own inner wisdom.

This is a holistic way of treating the body which generates amazing results.

Physical, emotional and mental balance is achieved in stillness..It is truly beautiful.

Price per session 950 kronor

To book a session send me an e-mail

Individual Sessions:

Price per session 950 kronor

Distance sessions 890 kronor

Distant Sessions

Distant sessions are becoming more and more popular. A lot of clients, not only abroad but in Sweden as well, prefer to receive sessions in a peaceful setting at home away from everyday stress. The sessions are equally as efficient on individuals as on group dynamics. I often hear that a remote sessions can feel even stronger than hands-on.

Don’t ask me exactly how i works but it does and it has become more and more recognized worldwide. And the results speak for themselves.

We know for sure that everything – absolutely everything is entangled. There is no separation. I love to sit down and facilitate remote sessions as much as I love hands-on.

Distant Session arrangement: I need a photograph of you and we agree on a suitable time when you can be in peace and quiet for about 30 minutes. Before we start, it’s good to have a quick chat about what to focus on. I record the session and send it in an e-mail to you. When you listen, which should also be done in a quiet setting, that is usually when the real magic happens.

My qualifications

  • Body Talk System
  • Cranio Sacral Therapy
  • Instant Transformation
  • Bowen Therapist
  • Atlantean Healing
  • Aroma therapy massage

Within BodyTalk:

  • Principles of consciousness
  • BioDynamics
  • Macrocosmic BodyMind
  • Mindscape
  • PaRama
  • Eastern Medicin
  • The three brains and the Soul’s journey


“Just wanna say how brilliant Marie’s treatments are. Today in yoga class I could suddenly do a pose that has been impossible before because of a neck problem. It’s like, just gone after 17 years”


“Marie gave me strength and a new belief in life. I am so grateful for all she’s done for me.”


“It’s like everything that used to trigger me before is just gone”

Female client

“Marie’s magic touch freed me from the pain I had had for years”

M Currie

“Marie has an amazing talent that touches those around her. I highly recommend her and thank her for the time and commitment to help me go forward and make a huge difference in my life. Not just for myself, even for those around me”

D Irwin

“Marie has my utmost respect as a professional therapist and my thanks and appreciation as a genuinely caring person who has improved my life significantly”

T Neville

“Marie is an enthusiastic and inspirational presenter. Her ability to engage with every individual in the room is remarkable.”

V Magowan

Marie Casparsson

Born and raised in Stockholm. Moved at 29 years of age to Ireland where I lived for 24 years.On this beautiful green Island, the door to energy work opened up. A new world and at the same time very familiar.

Taking personal responsibility and stop blaming and shaming, becoming aware of our bodies and all our senses,  finding ways to get rid of behaviours, patterns and belief systems that are holding us back and  getting in touch with our soul’s yearning.     These are all examples of how to move forward with love and authenticity.  Not saying this is an easy task…. It’s a lifelong journey full of ups and downs  and I can now look at everything as a possibility to grow, to gain even more wisdom and insights.

Energy medicine and my treatment tools are growing, changing and becoming more and more powerful all the time.

I want to live from the heart, keep evolving, and share my insights. I’d like to be the vessel carrying new possibilities. I’d love for you to  be the love you truly are, shine like a star and see that change is possible and everything might not be what it seems….



Marie Casparsson

Tel: 070 885 2029